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Coaching for Teachers
 In-Person, and Group Sessions Available

Student Motivation

Assess your students' difficulties with motivation, engagement, and drive, and explore possible solutions for each student. 

Facilitation Styles

Explore different facilitation styles for each student, and find the balance between teacher-led facilitation and student-led learning.

Cooperative Learning

Discuss strategies for the creation of cooperative and collaborative learning spaces, and the benefits of student choice, agency, negotiation, and responsibility.

Discipline and Behaviour

Discuss the difficulties related to student behaviour and discipline in classes and lessons, and strategies to address such difficulties.

Creativity and Play

Want to add some more creativity and fun into your classes or lessons? Learn more about play-based learning approaches and their creative benefits.

Teacher Troubles

Coaching sessions geared towards those teachers experiencing anxiety, burn out, stress, frustration, lack of motivation, and more.

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