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Coaching for Pianists
Online, In-Person, and Group Sessions Available

Piano Lessons

Piano lessons for learners of all ages and skill levels. Learn to play classical, pop, rock, and more!

Piano Technique

Improve your technical approach at the instrument! Coaching sessions can be specific to repertoire or can focus on general technique.

Career Steps

Discuss career options, goals, and next steps in performing, teaching, coaching, and collaborating.

Theory, History, Listening

Dig deeper into music theory, history, and listening (ear training), exam preparation, essay writing, and study guidance.

Further Studies

Explore and assess options for pursuing music studies in university, college, summer programs, or music festivals. 

Pianist Plights

Coaching sessions geared towards those experiencing performance anxiety, burn out, stress, and more.

Book Now!

Get in touch to learn more, see pricing, and schedule your first session!

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