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Coaching for Parents
 In-Person, and Group Sessions Available

School Troubles

Discuss teacher trouble, child motivation and engagement problems, curriculum frustration, bullying, and more. Explore effective methods for future school success.

Work and Play

Are you striking the right balance with your kids? Learn about play and its benefits for children, and explore methods of supporting your children and their work/play balance.


Considering homeschooling? Thinking of unschooling? Just need a reset? Discuss homeschooling approaches, methods, difficulties, and benefits.

Different Paces

Is your child "behind"? Discuss children's different paces and the benefits of working to trust your child's pace, interests, and intrinsic motivation.

Discipline and Behaviour

Discuss the difficulties related to your children's behaviour, focus, motivation, engagement, and discipline, and discover useful strategies for success.

Parent Predicaments

Coaching sessions geared towards those parents struggling with anxiety, stress, frustration, fear, 

and more.

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